Why can’t I find timetable information?

Where possible, we aim to provide you with accurate timetable and schedule information. However, we rely on precise data from each operator that is sometimes not easy to access.

As a minimum, Rome2rio will display the name and website of the transport company that operates your journey. We might even show the trip frequency. If schedules do not appear in our results, we recommend contacting the transport company directly or visiting their official website for further information. We understand that these websites may not always be available in your language, so our global team of experts are working towards including as much information as possible in our results.

If we have schedule information and sell tickets for that journey…

Example: London to Paris by train

London to Paris by train

If we have schedule information but redirect you to another booking website…

Example: Budapest to Zagreb by bus

Budapest to Zagreb by bus

Rome2rio redirect to Flixbus

If we have schedule information but do not sell tickets…

Example: Times Square to Central Park, New York, by subway.

Times Square to Central Park by subway

If we do not have schedule information but provide the details of the transport company…

Example: Naples to Capri by ferry.

Naples to Capri by Ferry

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