Can you help me understand my e-ticket?

Not all operators provide English e-tickets which is why we have created easy to view guides to help you understand your ticket.

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Deutsche Bahn

To help you better understand your German eTicket, we have attached a sample copy with numbers that relate to the following points:

  1. The fare type you have purchased.
  2. The class you have booked (1st or 2nd class).
  3. The total number of fare-paying passengers. Erw. / Erwachsene = Adult; Kind = Child.
  4. Origin and destination.
  5. Pricing information about your ticket.
  6. Main passenger name. Be mindful that Deutsche Bahn tickets only display the name of the main passenger.
  7. Your order number.
  8. Your itinerary (Halt = departure and arrival stations; Datum = Date; Zeit = Time; Gleis = Platform; Produkte = train number).
  9. Reservierung = Seat reservations are optional. If you have reserved a seat, you will find all relevant information on the types of seat and compartment as well as the carriage number in this section. Otherwise, this section will be blank.
    Sitzplatz = seat(s) Abteil = compartment
    Wg. = Carriage no. Großraum (m.Tisch) = open saloon (with table)
    Pl. = seat no. Handybereich = Phone zone
    Fenster = window seat Ruhebereich = Quiet zone
    Mitte = middle seat Familienbereich = family zone; Kleinkindbereich = toddler compartment
    Gang = aisle seat Nichtraucher = non-smoking

    Deutsche Bahn tickets can also list the total number of passengers on the top-right corner. Below is a sample ticket showcasing how this looks.


To help you better understand your Spanish eTicket, we have attached a sample copy with numbers that relate to the following points:

  1. Your Renfe ticket number. This is different to your Rome2rio booking reference number.
  2. The “Localizador” number is your Renfe confirmation number (also known as PNR).
  3. This is your CombinadoCercanias* password.
  4. Departure station.
  5. Arrival station.
  6. This is your train number.
  7. This is your Coach number.
  8. The fare type you have purchased: Promo (non-flexible), Promo+ (semi-flexible), Flexible.
  9. Your class of travel: Turista (2nd class), Turista Plus (premium 2nd class), Preferente (1st class).
  10. For domestic trains, your seat number is shown as “plaza”. The seat type (window/aisle) is not normally shown.

Renfe how to read your Eticket

*When you buy an Ave or another long-distance train ticket of any type or class for a journey within Spain, you can get free travel from any Renfe suburban station at the start and end of your journey in the following cities: Asturias, Barcelona, Bilbao, Cadiz, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia/Alicante, San Sebastian, Santander, Seville, Valencia and Zaragoza. You also get free travel from/to any FEVE local station in Asturias, Santander, Bilbao and Cartagena. To use these suburban (Cercanias) trains you must get a free suburban train ticket from a self-service ticket machine or staffed ticket office using the CombinadoCercanias password printed on your Renfe long-distance ticket. At your starting city, you must use the suburban ticket within 3 hours of your long-distance train departure, and at your destination, you must use the suburban ticket within 4 hours of your long-distance train’s arrival.

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