How far in advance can I book?

We know how important it is to book your tickets in advance. Here is a helpful guide to let you know when bookings become available on Rome2rio.

Please note that some operators can be slow to open reservations as far in advance as they claim.
National Rail Train Throughout the UK 12 weeks (84 days)
National Express Bus Throughout the UK Up to 1 year
Amtrak Train Throughout the USA 11 months
Greyhound USA Bus Throughout the USA Up to 1 year
VIA Rail Train Throughout Canada 11 months
Renfe Train (High-speed) Throughout Spain (domestic) Up to 90 days
Train (Regional) Throughout Spain (domestic) Up to 60 days
Trenitalia Train (High-speed) Throughout Italy (domestic) Up to 6 months
Train (Regional) Throughout Italy (domestic) 60 days
SNCF Train Throughout France (domestic) 3 months (92 days)
Train Direct trains between France and Italy 4 months
Train Throughout France (Regional) 4 months
Renfe-SNCF Train Direct trains between France and Spain 119 days
(almost 4 months)
DB-SNCF Train Direct trains between France and Germany 6 months (180 days)
Deutsche Bahn Train Throughout Germany (domestic) 6 months (180 days)
Eurostar Train Between London-France/Belgium/Netherlands 6 months (180 days)
Train Between Brussels & Amsterdam 4 months
Train Between London – Disneyland Paris Up to 11 months
Thalys Train Between France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany 90 days
Lyria Train Between France and Switzerland 4 months
Most major airlines Plane Global Up to 330 days
(almost 11 months)

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