How to get from Gatwick Airport into central London

London’s 2nd busiest airport is much further away from central London than Heathrow, located about 28 miles (45km) south of the city in East Sussex. Taking public transport from Gatwick (airport code LGW) to London can be a bit of a trial, both in budget and time. It’s also quite confusing. 

Apart from the National Express coach, there are three train options to get from Gatwick into central London:

  1. The Gatwick Express, which runs direct to/from Victoria;
  2. The Southern commuter train, which runs on the same tracks as the Gatwick Express, stopping at Clapham Junction among other stations, and takes about 10 mins longer;
  3. The Thameslink commuter train, which connects south to north London, stopping at major stations like St Pancras, Blackfriars, London Bridge and Farringdon all the way up to Luton Airport.
Transport options for getting from Gatwick airport to central London
Transport options for getting from Gatwick airport to central London

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Gatwick to London top travel tips:

  • The service you choose will really depend on where you want to go in London. Generally speaking, Gatwick is most convenient for those heading to South London, Brighton or the City. West London and the West End are more difficult to reach, unless you splurge on a taxi. Plug your destination into the Rome2rio search bar to find out the fastest way to get there.
  • The Gatwick Express, Southern commuter train and National Express coach all take you to Victoria, while the Thameslink train runs north through central London to St Pancras (and beyond, to Luton Airport)
  • Easybus used to run a cheap bus transfer to Earl’s Court/West Brompton (convenient for West London), but it has been suspended from 4 June 2018. If you want to get a coach, it’ll be a National Express stopping at Vauxhall, Stockwell and Streatham among other stations to Victoria Coach Station.
  • Ticket types can be quite complex for the two commuter train options, so do your research before you travel. Either book an Advance Single online in advance or use an Oyster Card on the commuter trains for the cheapest tickets. Also, avoid travelling on these trains at rush hour or if you have lots of luggage; they’ll be packed.
  • If you’re taking the Thameslink train from the airport, you can save 25% on tickets for groups of three to five people (Anytime Small Group fare) or 34% if you’re travelling off-peak in a group of three to nine (Groupsave ticket).
  • The only reason to get the Gatwick Express is if you have a huge amount of luggage. Otherwise, the commuter trains are cheaper and don’t take much longer.
  • Book online for 10% off Gatwick Express prices
  • Gatwick’s train station is located in the airport’s South Terminal
  • If you’re horribly confused by all the Gatwick train options, try Gatwick’s own taxi service to central London, with prices starting at £22.50 based on four people sharing.
  • If you need to transfer to Heathrow or another London airport, a National Express coach is probably your best bet. There’s no direct train service linking the airports.

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