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Rome2rio is focused on delivering great multi-modal travel search technology to API partners, featuring:

True point to point search.
True point to point search.
See for yourself
Super-fast sub-second search speed.
Super-fast sub-second
search speed.
Same multi-modal search results as
Same multi-modal search
results as
Extensive global coverage.
The Rome2rio API has some of the world's most extensive global coverage
In-house Geocoder technology
In-house Geocoder technology
resolving over 2 million
travel destinations.
Easy API integrations
Easy API integration
via JSON or XML.
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Provides a simple XML/JSON interface for adding multi-modal search capability to your website, app or service. Returns train, bus, ferry, air, driving and walking routes between any two points. Inputs may be specified either as textual place names or latitude/longitude co-ordinates.

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Provides a simple XML/JSON interface to our purpose built geocoder technology. This service identifies the precise latitude/longitude co-ordinate of textual place names. The service handles travel related destinations ranging from city and town names to popular attractions and destinations.

Geocoder Documentation


Provides a simple XML/JSON interface to our purpose built autocomplete technology. This service provides prefix matching to suggest place names and precise latitude/longitude co-ordinates. The service is powered by our geocoder technology.

Autocomplete Documentation

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Perfect for startups & developers

You'll be able to use the Rome2rio API whilst you are developing free of charge

  • Free up to 100,000 searches per month
  • Email only Support (48-hour response)
  • No SLA (Free Server)

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Great for businesses

Recommended for commercial uses or for high traffic websites

  • Priced according to number of searches
  • 24/7 support
  • SLA (Commercial Server)

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