Deutsche Bahn rail bookings now available on Rome2rio

Deutsche Bahn bookings on Rome2rio
Published June 13, 2018

We know everyone loves a scenic train ride through the countryside, so we’ve added more rail bookings – just in time for the European summer! Rome2rio has teamed up with Deutsche Bahn, and we now offer tickets on trains across the German rail network. From Berlin and Munich to Stuttgart and Hamburg, you’ll now have the chance to make a booking on any train on Deutsche Bahn’s network in Germany – spanning over 41,000km across the country.


The newest booking addition to Rome2rio means you’ll have faster and more efficient access to the entire range of German destinations and fares. All these ticketing options are conveniently available on your web browser on all platforms – desktop, phone and tablet – so you can plan ahead, or even book while you’re on the road.

Bookings on the Deutsche Bahn network include the ICE (Intercity-Express) train, which is the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling, reaching speeds up to 320 km/h. ICE trains link nearly all major German cities at hourly or two-hourly intervals. Popular routes include:

Berlin Bonn (4 h 43 min)
Berlin Cologne (4 h 16 min)
Berlin Frankfurt (4 h 8 min)
Berlin Munich (3 h 58 min)
Frankfurt Munich (3 h 10 min)
Frankfurt Hamburg (3 h 37 min)
Hamburg Mannheim (4 h 18 min)
Hamburg Munich (5 h 32 min)

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Adding Germany to Rome2rio’s list of bookable countries (alongside rail journeys in the United States, Canada, UK, Spain, France and Italy) brings us one step closer to our global rail booking coverage goal. We’re glad you’re joining us for the ride!

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