A story of fandom and photobombing

Published July 21, 2016

The team at Rome2rio enjoy hearing from the people who use our product. We get plenty of feedback that helps us to improve all part of the site and the app. We also get lots of fun stories from people who have used Rome2rio and recently we received this email from a user, Fernando.

Hi, my name is Fernando, and I’m a big fan of you guys; been using the site and following you since way before the app.

The reason I’m contacting you guys is because one of the backgrounds of the site, the one for Granada, on the lake by the Nasrid Palace, features my girlfriend and me as photobombs, and though I know it’s silly, it made us feel very proud as fans.

Because of this, I was wondering if you guys could maybe send us the picture. It would be a nice souvenir. If you guys could put the Rome2rio logo on it, it would be even more awesome, almost like an autograph.

Anyway, thanks in advance, and keep up the good work.

Thank you, Fernando!  We found the photo you are looking for and it is currently winging its way to you. Enjoy it, and your future travels.

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Rome2rio Chief Operations Officer
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