Uber & bikeshare options debut on Rome2rio

Published November 3, 2014

Sharing economies are on the rise, nowhere moreso than in the transportation sector. With that in mind, Rome2rio users won’t be surprised to learn about the two increasingly popular transport options we’ve added support for this week.


Uber is the major player in the new wave of smartphone-driven taxi and urban rideshare services. The San Francisco-based company is growing rapidly, with coverage in over 200 cities worldwide, all now available in Rome2rio results.

In many of these cities you can choose from the original UberBLACK premium “black car” service or the new UberX “rideshare” service, which is often less expensive than a local taxicab. For anyone who has had an experience with a dodgy taxi driver while travelling in a foreign city, Uber presents a welcome, reliable alternative.


Bikeshare networks have been deployed in many major tourist destinations, with rapid growth over the last few years. We have now incorporated the bikeshare networks of over 100 cities into Rome2rio, including the popular Vélib’ system in Paris with over 1,230 bike stations, and the London network with 720 stations.

Bicycle sharing networks are ideal for short urban trips and for helping with the “last mile” problem of connecting residents to the public transport network.

You will discover both new transport options in a search such as London Paddington Station to Big Ben. In cities where they are present, Uber will also be displayed as an alternative for the final airport-to-destination leg of a journey.


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