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Published February 28, 2013

We don’t usually do book reviews on the Rome2rio blog, but in this case we’re making an exception.

Vacation Rules, released today and co-written by Rome2rio’s CEO (that would be me) and Dr. Sebastian Filep, is an exploration of the psychology of travel: what makes for a happy vacation, and how you can achieve greater happiness and well-being through the vacation process.


Only vaguely relevant, but good all the same!


Vacation Rules is based on the PERMA model of positive psychology, and proposes 36 “rules” to assist its readers plan and enjoy their vacations better. It suggests that rather than concentrating on the mechanics of travel—who we fly with, where we stay, which car we rent, which tour we take—we should first consider exactly why we want to go on vacation, what our current state of mind is, who we are traveling with, how we manage expectations and interruptions, and other issues of a strategic nature.

Sadly, only one of the 36 rules could be considered even vaguely relevant to Rome2rio! Here’s an excerpt:

Rule 18: Consider the train.

People used to look forward to their journey, not just their destination. Nowadays that’s not so common, as airport security measures, crowded flights, and the lean service offerings of low-cost carriers have all combined to make air travel something that’s often endured rather than enjoyed.

None of those things are likely to change anytime soon. Unless you’re prepared to shell out for a business or first class seat, your experience flying may not be anything to write home about. 

In many parts of the world, you can always consider the train. You may find that traveling through the countryside, rather than over it, is more to your liking, and that the journey itself has something wonderful to offer, well before you reach your destination.

For more information and how to buy Vacation Rulesvisit the website.


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