Hotel search added to rome2rio

Published January 20, 2012

We’re excited to launch a new hotel search component of rome2rio today. When you do a search from, say, New York to Amalfi you will now have the option of viewing accommodation options at your destination. Hotels are listed as the final component of each itinerary on the left.


Once you select the hotels leg, you’ll be presented with a new interface for browsing accommodation options and prices and making your selection for booking a place to stay.


Our hotel search has been made available through a partnership with Hotels Combined. We chose Hotels Combined for the same reason we show flight prices from they have a larger inventory with more hotels and better prices than other hotel search engines. With rome2rio you can easily compare hotel details, prices, availability and taxes from,,,, and many more all in one set of search results.

Referral commissions from hotel searches are also how rome2rio makes money. Rome2rio is a free service and we have chosen not to display advertising on the site. However, the site does cost money to develop and run. Hotel commissions is, in start-up business speak, a big part of our monetization strategy. So if you love rome2rio, help us out by booking your next trip’s accommodation through the site.

What you see today is the first version of our new hotel search product. We are planning to add several new hotel related features in the future. We would like to show en-route accommodation options, and directions to the address of your hotel. As always, we’ll announce these developments on facebook and twitter so follow us there.



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