Rome2rio can save you a lot of money

Published April 1, 2011

rome2rio can save you money. A lot of money. I’m going to show you how.

Image you live in Quebec City. You need to travel to Brussels for business. You do a search on a travel search site like Orbitz from Quebec airport (YQB) to Brussels airport (BRU), flying on June 14th, and this is the top result:


This is the cheapest option Orbitz found. It’s a 22 hour journey involving three flights. Fun stuff; especially if one of those flights is delayed and you miss the connection.

Now let’s do the same search on rome2rio. Here’s a snapshot of the top four results that are presented:


Wow, that’s a big difference. It is $545 cheaper to fly to Paris then catch the train to Brussels. Even accounting for the cost of the TGV journey, that’s still a big saving. It’s also faster because there is a direct flight to Paris. Much faster in fact; roughly 10 hours total journey time instead of 22 hours in the air for the cheapest Orbitz option.

If we select the Fly to Paris option and inspect the flight prices, we see more detail. Air Transat is a budget airline that fly direct from Quebec to Paris. There’s a high-speed TGV train that whisks you straight from the airport to Brusselles-Midi train station in under 2 hours.


rome2rio can save you both time and a lot of money, especially for journeys into or within Europe. The combination of high-speed rail and high density of airports and cities means there’s often several possible ways to reach your destination. We’ve seen as much as $1,000 variation in price between the different options.

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